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Why Corporate / You Participate

The LGNet’s Corporate to Cities is a leadership initiative, requiring a commitment signed by the company’s chief executive. Participation in the LGNet’s Corporate to Cities offers a wide array of practical benefits:

 A Knowledge Support Advantage
Unique partnership for understanding ways of managing Cities from the leaders through knowledge networks on. Local Governments functionaries and officials will be enriched to meet the desires of Corporate & citizens. This will transform local governments to better understand your needs and expectation. It will advance the cities skill to run the local governments in corporate style delivering social products. Your CSR will have trickle effects in sustainable city management.
 An Opportunity to Reduce Carbon Footprints
Corporate will have the opportunity to reduce carbon footprints of the cities by supporting local governments in improving its service delivery. This will strengthen your corporate world’s responsibility of reducing green house gas emission. This will add value to your institutions response to Climate Change.
 A Sharing Practice
Sharing corporate best and emerging practices to advance practical solutions and strategies to common challenges in city management.

 A Marketing Advantage

Build and enhance your company’s corner of the local government market through active partnerships and increased exposure with LGNet and its members. The program offers exclusive opportunities to reach members through various programs and activities, and to attend LGNet events, functions held throughout the year. Corporate Partners are acknowledged and recognized as such on LGNet’s Web site and at LGNet events.

 A Public Relations Advantage

Establish your company’s reputation as a well-respected organization committed to improve local government management and as a responsible corporate citizen that supports the goals and commitments of LGNet’s membership and the local government profession.

 A Competitive Networking Advantage

Develop and strengthen professional relationships with key local government as you share LGNet’s goals and objectives in improving service delivery. Corporate partners are invited to participate with local government officials in training forums, seminars, and open LGNet meetings. Many partners may take advantage of the opportunity to network with other business leaders who are corporate partners.

 A worth return on Heritage & Culture Advantage
Be a brand ambassador in leading Indian cities into world heritage status. This will add advantage in documenting Cities Heritage & Culture at the world level. Currently in spite of rich heritage none of our cities are in world heritage list. Your partnership may lead cities entering into world heritage status.
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