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The world continues to absorb more urban population and cities are home to this new changes of Economic Geography. These facts tell us therefore that the urbanization of poverty, governance, climate change and better urban services are arguably some of the biggest development challenge facing the world today.

Local Governments are facing serious crisis of managing cities at a time India’s economy is growing better – so why our cities feel excluded. We know that governments and local governments simply can’t tackle these problems alone. Much of the expertise for such change has to come from the Corporate House, Civil Society, International Governance and Individuals.

A growing number of local government & corporate —both locally, nationally and internationally—have recognized the value of City to City cooperation and Partnerships. Corporate have tradition of contributing substantially to nation development by forming partnership or through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The present intervention offers a new form of opportunity between local governments & corporate in  Building Knowledge Platform with a overall mission to enhance the quality of life in cities through a better CSR activities.

Corporate to Cities (C2C) Program— an active partnership between the corporate community and cities to Inspire Good Governance, Promote Leadership, Reduce Carbon Footprints and Recognize Heritage & Culture backed by accessible Knowledge for managing cities. This unique partnership will further exchange creative ideas, implement innovative projects and open important lines of communication vehicle for sharing Indian Cities to the world. Local Governance Network (LGNet) recognizes that there is a need to facilitate and support relationship between local governments and Corporate. LGNet will create mutual relationships with other countries around the world, So that people around the world will have better image of our cities & corporate. LGNet’s is not a regulatory instrument, but a nonprofit voluntary initiative by people who understands matters relating to Local Governance that relies on Knowledge, Innovation, Sustainability and Leadership.
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