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Maximizing Engagement in the LGNet Corporate to Cities Partnership

The LGNet offers numerous platforms for action and innovation for participants to demonstrate leadership on critical issues and advance the commitment.

 One Goal One Platform:
One of the major beneficiaries of the Networks is to have pool of leaders from Local Government to Corporate having commitment for development. This implies they are keen for respective cities development and making cities work for the people. As corporate, international governance, civil society, academics you will be in a better position within LGNet to reach the Local Government Leaders in sharing your innovative ideas, think tanks, social projects and innovation.

 Dialogues and Learning:
A culture of dialogue and learning is crucial to continuous performance improvement. LGNet will fosterer and promote dialogue between local governments, corporate, academics, civil society and other stakeholders around critical challenges, covering a diverse range of sustainable urban development issues through workshop, symposium and policy dialogues.

 Specialized Work streams:
One of the important functions is to focus on key issue areas driving the local & global agenda. Such as respond to critical issues such as climate change, water, waste management, urban mobility or responsible investment. These programs offer LGNets participants additional engagement opportunities, aiming to advance both practical solutions and sensible public policy development.

 Partnership Projects:
The LGNet asks its participants to seek partnerships in support of broader Sustainable Urban Development or the Millennium Development Goals. The basic concept of partnerships is simple and straightforward – to identify common ground between the private and the public sectors and to combine their resources, skills and expertise to improve results. As the primary entry point of Corporate to cities, LGNet is uniquely positioned to channel the capacities and resources of its participants and other stakeholders. Partnerships focus on the many areas where private actors and public institutions can engage in win-win relationships, such as poverty reduction, health, education and community development.
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