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LGNet assists Indian Cities and looking at ways to save energy, conserve water, reduce waste and lessen carbon foot prints of cities. This means looking at all elements that contribute activities best for cities - including street lighting, mobility, renewable energy and waste management. LGNet is advising cities in calculating its ‘carbon footprint’ which means calculating greenhouse gas emissions, and then looking at how cities can reduce emissions. Our vision is to go “climate neutral” meaning that cities will have a neutral effect on the climate by investing more on green forest, non motorized transport and renewable energy.

 Advocacy for Local Governments, Corporate, Civil Society, Universities, Schools

 Local Governments, Corporate, Civil Society, Universities, Schools have a role to play. Some ideas  that affects your  everyday activities
  Manage Green Infrastructure with increasing Vegetation Coverage through community engagement  
  Promote Bicycling, Walking, Public & Non Motorized Transport in cities for Healthy living and reduce congestion  
  Encourage in use of Water Saving products in extraction, distribution and water harvesting structures  
  Engage in cities for building a system for Waste Minimization, Recycling and Safer disposal  
  Support activities to increase share of Green Energy Consumption & use of Energy Saving products  
  Involve local community in management of Heritage & Culture and make them incentivize through financial beneficiaries, livelihoods and education  
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