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Tip # 1 Bicycle

Get on Your Bicycle instead of driving a car / automobile for distance less than 5Km. By doing this you avoid production of carbon dioxide. Same time riding a bicycle or walking is a climate-friendly way to commute but also good for your health, too

Tip # 2 Save Water with Powder Detergents

Switch from liquid detergents to powders. Laundry liquids are mostly consumes water (approx. 80%). It costs energy and packaging to bring this water to the consumer.

Tip # 3 Save a Tree, or Two or Three

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and use it as their energy source, producing oxygen for us to breathe

Tip # 4 Change Your energy use options

Replace frequently used light bulbs with compact fluorescent / energy efficient bulbs. This will reduce your energy bills and carbon dioxide emission.

Tip #5 Change Your Air Conditioner Use

Conserve energy by turning down the Air Conditioner while you are away from your home / office. Use Energy star air conditioning device in your building, this will reduce your electricity bill and you'll do your bit to save energy and the environment.

Tip # 6 Reduce Garbage

Buy products with less packaging and recycle paper. You can save carbon dioxide generation by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Tip # 7 Use Recycle and use recycled products

Products made from recycled paper, glass, metal and plastic reduce carbon emissions because they use less energy to manufacture than products made from completely new materials.

Tip # 8 Fill Your Washing Machine

Run your washing machine only with a full load. Save carbon dioxide and energy bills.
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