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Branding Cities  

India in 1947 and today has different story to tell the world. This transformation of India has lot of story to tell. Many of its stories are born & shaped in some odd five thousand cities spread all over the country.

Indian cities, today, is well established as home to worlds leading business houses, choicest tourist destination, preferred investment destination, rapidly growing market for leading business products and, stands on the threshold of years of unprecedented growth.

However, in spite of these changes many of its good things are unknown to the world, perhaps due to absence in aggressive branding of Indian Cities at the national & global level. There is a need to build an active partnership between the corporate community and cities to Inspire Good Governance, Promote Leadership and Recognise its Heritage & Culture. This unique partnership will further exchange creative ideas, improved communications, implement innovative projects and opens important lines of communication vehicle for sharing Indian Cities to the world.

The LGNet 's one of the prime objective is to build positive perceptions of Indian City globally, nationally and locally. It aims to effectively present the Indian cities heritage, culture, business perspective and leverage partnerships for city to city cooperation in globalising urban world.

LGNet will build a network of stakeholders – domestic and international - to promote the Branding of Indian Cities in growing world urbanization. A basket of communication resources – films, posters, panels, CD, magazine, e-newsletter(s), city reports – comprise the India city kit that bring light of Indian cities story.

Indian cities have a story to tell. In the overall Indian Cities branding campaign LGNet will collect and disseminates comprehensive information on Indian Cities. LGNet will play three well defined roles:

  • Forum for City branding development
  • Co-ordinate strategic promotion initiatives
  • Indian Urban Resource Centre

LGNet invites you to Experience Urban India!

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