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Why Partner LG Net?
Benifit List
Guiding Principles
Application Request
Why Partner LG Net?  

Why Should You Partner LGNet?

LGNet is unique partnership driven organisations established its relation with similar institutions arround the globe. LGNet partnership invites city governments, national level organisations, development authorities, non-governmental organisations, private companies and community-based organisations. There is no fees for partnership and it is open for all those agrees to Guiding Principles.

Eligibility Criteria  
Any city government, development authority, association of local government, non-governmental organisation, community-based organisation, institution or agency, individual, corporation, that shares the objectives and vision of Local Governance Network Initiative  may apply for partnership.
Application Process
  Step 1
  Please ensure yourself that you have the authorized to build partnership.

  Step 2
  Submit your request for partnership by signing online Application Request

  Step 3
  LGNet Secretariat will communicate with you for any details if required about your institution.

  Step 4
  Upon receipt of complete information the LGNet will communicate with you regarding status of approoval

  Step 5
  Partnership will become effective upon welcome email from LGNet Secretariat.

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